Thursday, 19 May 2011


Every morning I walk down this track to the pigs housing

to be greeted by this little chap. Bertie is always the first of the little pet pigs to hear me approaching, sometimes he gets so excited that he literally jumps up and down.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fruit Pigs

There is no doubt about it, pigs love fruit. We were lucky enough to be given some slightly over ripe fruit straight from the wholesaler and the little pet pigs loved it. Bertie our miniature micro pig really enjoying that melon.

As indeed is Hugo our Kune Kune boar. Florence the Kune Kune piglet wasn't so keen on the melons, probably due to the fact that she was a little over enthusiastic when biting into one and ended up with seeds shooting up her nose.

Poor Florence, here she isgazing longingly into Lucy and Berties' pen as they tuck into really ripe pears.

Don't worry Florence you'll get some pears too!

As you can see she really enjoyed them.