Monday, 7 November 2011

The Truth about Miniature / Micro Pigs

Okay so here are some photographs of the micro piglets at 4 months, still tiny enough to get into a pumpkin! But you know since the piglets arrived I've heard some really stupid remarks about micro / miniature / teacup pigs from people who are or appear to be quite intelligent and usually well informed.

One gentleman said to me, "Well they can't really be micro pigs can they or they would stay that size forever" and he has a degree.

A fully qualified midwife was heard to say, upon departing from the pigs, "They are so tiny and cute, did you know you can get some that stay that small, they are called handbag pigs."

"They aren't that small are they, I mean these are piglets and some full grown pigs are this size."

And so on ...

Folks I hate to disillusion you but the truth about miniature, micro, teacup pigs is that they don't stay the size of tiny piglets, they are not going to fit into a teacup, handbag or pumkin forever. They will not grow enormous like a Gloucester Old Spot but these little piglets will grow to be about the size of Mum and Dad, (Dad is about knee high, Mum is much smaller) maybe a little smaller but they will grow and how a fully qualified midwife could really think that piglets could stay baby size forever is beyond me.